Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Tale of The Oh So Mysterious @SVRPRWN

Brian Eno provides the soundtrack for This Inscription.
The Queen is feeling Ambience more than anything these past Few Days.
perhaps this is because she’s really at peace within Her Soul.
being happy Soul-Wise is very NB! because otherwise… you’re just a physical body.
& that’s exactly what you are when you’re dead.
that’s super sucky.
SO, basically, this album makes The Queen feel calm&collected in a Grimm Brothers Fairytale Kinda Way.

it’s a bit eerie… i reckon it’s one of Eno’s darker Albums.
said Album’s Title is The Shutov Assembly.
it’s effing good.

The Queen is merciful to her Loyal Euphorians – she relieves them from mediocrity by sharing Her Taste In SoundWavez.
please, Euphorians, do not be fooled by that human south african channel, mk [note, lower case], for it is QUITE shit.

NOW! let’s get down to matters at this Tea&Cake meeting, This Afternoon:

The Tale of The Oh So Mysterious @SVRPRWN.

who is @SVRPRWN?
no one knows – not even Alleged Acquaintances.
Ooooooooh Severe!

Once Upon A Time, an anon logged onto THE WEBBERNET.
more importantly, however, this anon Signed Up with The Largest Chatroom in The World.
this anon was @SVRPRWN – initially displaying a “profile pic” of some sturdy lookin’ fellow.
this “profile pic” was replaced by the one we all know & love.
or should i say “<3”.

see, this is what we DO know about @SVRPRWN:
he/she/it is exactly that – a hermz in cyberspace w/ 1 bewb 2 provz it.
@SVRPRWN speaks a cyber language that is “mad kiffz” & characterised by the frequent usage of “z’s” & cutting words short.

this is actually very intelligent because whilst some Tweeps might get aggro because of the Vandalising Of Language, the joke’s really on them:
you rarely have enough characters to say exactly what you want, right?
@SVRPRWN has, thus, transcended Twitter by flipping the 140 Character Maximum the proverbial bird.

another factor which gives @SVRPRWN hermz’s [a pronoun used for hermz especially, in Queendom] Edge is hermz’s speaking to celebs [note, lower case] like their hermz’s bud.
this, of course, is not an act & @SVRPRWN is actually BFFs with most of them anyway.
@SVRPRWN humours hermz’s fans by giving them a glimpse of the VIP life.
it’s quite amazeballs & such.
a very Gracious Soul, this Euphorian @SVRPRWN.

The Queen is also very impressed by this Euphorian’s Taste In Chillwayvez.
the kind of Chillwayvez an entity listens to can convey a lot about his/her/it’s Soul.
like, if you listen to something kak… The Queen will have her reservations about you.
it’s not judging.
it’s common sense.
Chillwayvez is Part of The Universal Form – like, you either flow with It, or you keep on making a racket to your own beat.
the latter is Not Cool.

anway, so, @SVRPRWN also “gets” the Zombie Apocalypse, “Chillin’ Hard W/ Gurl Broz/Broz”, MJ, Gagz, &&& That Human Life Ain’t That Serious.

thus, The Queen has come to the conclusion that @SVRPRWN ought to be made Honorary Hermz in Queendom.
it’s an Exclusive Position & One Of A Kind as there can only be one.
it’s sort of like a Jester but only Kewler & not derogatory at all.
basically, this Position is meant for someone funny & @SVRPRWN is HELLA FUNNY, YALLZ!

for those of you who are STILL In The Dark about this Phenoma…
let Queen Mama explain:
it’s an act, a persona.
it’s like Lady Gaga & Die Antwoord & Jack Parow.
for those of you who think those three performers are being serious… um…
the point is!
have fun conversing with @SVRPRWN & play along!
act completely serious because hermz’ is totals serious.
as serious as not being serious.

that is all.
follow @SVRPRWN for a UNIQUE Twitter Experience.

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