Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Adventure of The Party in the SKY

it started with some Chinese Nummies.
doesn’t most things?

now, in Queendom, the Euphorians are not just a collective race with little identity.
QUITE, the contrary; you see, because each Euphorian is delightfully different from another.
they have names, these Euphorians.

Euphorians are either known by their Twitter Username OR, alternatively, if said Euphorian does not care for Twitter, simply by first name & in all upper case.
i.e. KOOS.

KOOS was one of the Euphorians who accompanied Queen Lizdom on her adventure.
KOOS is a pretty valued Euphorian as he is romantically linked to Queen Lizdom.
another Euphorian, who we met for some Chinese Nummies, is known as @adoneandthesky.

do you see what happened there? everyone is equally important in Queendom, so, even though KOOS does not show an interest in Twitter, like Queen Lizdom [@wordsoflizdom] & @adoneandthesky, he gets elevated to the same platform via upper case lettering.
it’s simple.

SO, onwards!

bellies satisfied & brimming with excitement we made our way to adoneandthesky’s pad.
there Queen Lizdom dressed & @adoneandthesky helped her cut some holes into her tights.
it was going to be a super fantastical evening in Queendom…

we arrive to SKY.
@roxymaritz2 was the first to meet&greet Queen Lizdom by a splendid embrace & the words “liz! we’re partying in the sky tonight”.
these words were a superb intro to the festivities to follow.

Fast Forward!

we’re drunk & high.
on happiness, of course.
enter the DANCEFLOOR… it was time!

@HAEZER proceeded to reduce our bodies into Dancing Zombie Fashionistas.
there is no other way of describing it.
dancing isn’t about looking pretty.
in fact, it’s about forgetting who you are, body-wise, completely.

so there we were: spirit souls. DANCING under the stars, hiiigh in the SKY.

many Euphorians joined us in our Glorious Adventure:
@Henry_Boardman & a Dancing Partner displayed excellent dancing propensities by teaching Us all what “sex on the dancefloor” is all about.
it was rough. it was beautiful.

@iaminsert, @roxymaritz2, @Waldorph2000, BIANCA & @Japanesefoot were some of the awesome Dancing Partners @adoneandthesky & Queen Lizdom had the priviledge to Lose Their Brains with.

now, Music-wise.
@HAEZER owned it.
completely & everforevermore.
Queen Lizdom, Queen of Queendom was VERY displeased with the @Cyberpunkers.
for an international act they were pretty shitty.
the beats are monotonous, the “moments” predictable & their stage personas… um.
not impressed.
so, basically, @HAEZER killed @Cyberpunkers.
well done, Euphorian @HAEZER, says Queen Lizdom.

another highlight of the evening worth mentioning was meeting Euphorians off THE WEB.
“it’s just fantastic putting faces to tiny avatars.” – Queen Lizdom
Queen Lizdom met @belindametb, @iaminsert, @donmulto &&& @DaaiTheo, all in one night!
i was a very happy Queen.

ECSTATIC, our evening ended at a morning hour.
we satisfied our MUNCHIES & proceeded back to our Castle.

just before we undertook our #lalaland Mission we swallowed some Magical Anti-Hangover.
Queens will not suffer hangovers. EVER.
Queen Lizdom’s head hit her Cloud.
& she woke up the next morning… feeling super.

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