Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Matter of Humans & Dead Dogs

“who’s first words were ‘can i take your order?’”
that’s Patrick asking Spongebob those very words.
it’s actually quite relevant to this Inscription because today The Queen’s sitting on Her Balcony sipping on a White Russian & Contemplating things.
things which are “humans & dead dogs”.

she’s listening to Poeticat, an “experimental/acoustic/lyrical” outfit.
basically like poetry being “rapped” over folky melodies.
it’s Beautiful & it’s possibly also influencing The Queen’s State Of Mind.
P.S. Catherine Martindale, you’re incredibly glorious in Doing What You Do.
an example of an Effing Cool Euphorian.
take notes, Children.

because, you see The Queen learns constantly.
sometimes She thinks she knows everything but She hardly knows Everything.
you know? ;]
it’s when you think you know Everything that you get Smacked At The Back Of The Head.
it’s when you think you know everything that you Slip Down Into Ignorance.

so, sometimes, that’s what happens to The Queen.
& it happens to every single Euphorian living in Queendom too, because, after all, when all Alternate Dimensions are removed we are… human [note; lower case] in This Life.

but that’s what being Human [note; uppercase] means.
there are animals & then there are Humans.
what’s the difference?
a Higher Consciousness.
so, wouldn’t you say that having a Higher Consciousness means that you as Human have an Obligation to transcend all animalistic behaviour [note; lower case] which concerns responding to the gross senses.

we also have the capacity to Enjoy on Another Level.

so, that’s what The Queen wants out of This Life – she wants to Enjoy & be Carefree of Woes which means that she has to Transcend Being Attached To Situations, People & Emotions.
funnily enough, She’s not attached to Condition Of Life but obviously prefers The High Life simply because why the hell not?
there’s no point in playing the martyr.

oh goodness.
I’m just having myself a Boards Of Canada Moment.
kay. done.


that’s what causes The Queen’s utmost Downfall Via Ignorance – Attachment To Situations, People & Emotions.

these past couple of days – I don’t know how long it’s been – i’ve kind of been learning hard Lessons.
i mean, i’m not gonna go into them but it’s mostly about how i feel/interact/respond to Situations, People & Emotions.
my Karmic Path is The Way Of Release.
that is the Lesson i have to Learn & Apply in order to transcend material existence [note; lower case].
being weighed down is like having a dead dog on your shoulder talking to you.
you know it’s a load of shit but you listen anyway.

so, basically The Queen’s been Getting Rid Of Baggage.
She was locked up in The Library of Her Mind so that she could Focus & Bin Unwanted Thoughts & Memories.
well, it’s not so much binning as it is Accepting & Letting Go.
you know?
& while i might have been absent i sure as hell can tell you that i am a happier, peaceful person.
Queendom is Green & Sunny.

by Letting Go i’m literally lifting boulders off my Soul.
i feel lighter.
but i am learning – i’m not even close to being my utmost blissful self but i know how to get there, at least.
& that’s what keeps The Queen & Queendom & every Inhabitant going…
the mere idea that Queendom exists in a world free of Material Restraints.
& it’s always a party there.