Monday, May 17, 2010

The Tale of Myspace [via Old Skool]

Queen Lizdom has been on the webbernet for as long as she can remember.
let’s say 14 for good measure.
it all started with – Queendom was going through a Gothic Phase.
it lasted for a year until Queen Lizdom suddenly realised, one night at Zeplin’s where a mile-high Goth Girl with Fuckin’ Amazeballs Hair [Maxi, if i do recall correctly] tried to kiss her, that she, in fact was not a Goth at all.

Queen Lizdom very quickly forgot all about because the next Phase of Social Networking had already started latching onto The Outcasts.

anyone & everyone who was apart of This Phase will agree with The Queen:
myspace was the gateway to a lot of FREAKIN’ AWESOME!
this is where Queendom founded its base.

Queen Lizdom was known by various Screen Names:
Liz of the Urth, Liz of Boosh, That Bitch, Liz, etc.
those were the most memorable – you may recall, you may not.
myspace also birthed The Queen’s VERY first username – lizlovescheese.
it’s dubbelsinnig.
dink daaroor.

Queen Lizdom remembers crushing on every single Scene Boy With THAT Hair.
holy fuck.
also, i found boys kissing boys [in the scene sense] extremely turn-on-ish.
it was a trend & i fuckin’ loved it.

who remembers that GIF? yes, THAT one?


Liz of the Urth dated a boy who lived in London for 6 months but because we never saw each other, we cut it short.
The Queen also dated a skater boy from Durban for another 6 months – we spoke on the phone, every day, for an hour.
it was beautiful but it didn’t work out, also, because of Distance Reasons.

The Queen THEN met PJ Kotze… i can’t remember his screen name at the time…
anyway, PJ was from a band called the Havoc Vultures & I fuckin’ DUG this band.
on a Hangout Occasion at Kung Fu Kitchen [see, all Adventures DO start with Chinese Nummies!] i first laid eyes on The Man That Would Father My Child & Current BF For Life.
i found him very odd, initially.
he kept stacking the little bowls onto each other & balanced chopsticks on top of it.
after Chinese Nummies we headed to The Havoc Nest – you HAVE to remember this!
Havoc Nest Parties were THE FUCKIN’ SHIT!
everyone got mad drunk/high & partied the eff out of that little meenthuisie!
i passed out in KOOS’ bed, on purpose, a couple of times but he was completely oblivious to my Advances.
i was on the verge of giving up WHEN our Mutual Dislike for FotoNaDans lead us to kiss.
it was beautiful.

this Myspace Era also introduced me to a couple of other Darlings who i only got to know once this Era passed:
spinelli venter [@nannaventer], Funk-Punk Ben [@Ben_Rausch], Casioheart [@casioheart], Flikkerr, pietskiet, 6-sixty, Cheesepaste, Flash In The Pan, etc.

SO, right now i’m listening to Zolof & The Rock ‘n Roll Destroyer & reminiscing about Myspace Music.
this used to be the highlight of each School-Suckfested-Day – getting to The Castle & fucking out to whatever Gem i found that Day.
it was QUITE magical.
i discovered bands like Boards Of Canada <3, Tycho <3, Aphex Twin <3, Say Hi To Your Mom <3, Something Corporate, Locust Toybox, Tsunami Bomb, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Postal Service, Pinback, Head Automatica, I Am Ghost, Halifax, Great Churn, Deathstarts, Type O Negative & a fuckload more.

it was like Wonderland on Acid.

BUT, here i am, this eve, tweeting the shit out of twitter.
twitter is the new myspace & although it is PERFECT for this day & age The Queen must admit… she misses myspace.
a LOT.

i love you myspace – RIP, Rockin’ From 2004 – 2007.

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