Monday, May 10, 2010

The Matter of Die Antwoord

kay, Die Antwoord.
KAK or Super Genius?

today, at the daily Tea&Cake meeting, Queen Lizdom asked Euphorians across Queendom what they honestly thought of this phenomena & got quite the mixed response.

some Euphorians appeared as if they were about to vom at the thought & some were pretty amped about these People.

in human terms, Queen Lizdom & a handful of Euphorians, in the Universe Sceme of Things, function materially in South Africa, Africa, Earth.
in human terms Euphorians & Queen Lizdom, alike, are referred to as kids.
this is because kids are awesome & who the fuck wants to be known as something older than a kid?

SO, the kids of South Africa are divided.
Euphorians known as @captbyron, @swimlittlefish & @tatibble were part of Team Nay.
@tatibble summed up the team’s opinion by stating “I find them insulting – this is what foreigners now think of us and this is who represents us? No thank you.”

Queen Lizdom allows every Euphorian his/her opinion & is delighted that there is a strong dislike for Die Antwoord, in some cases.
balance is very important in the Cosmic Manifestation & a Team Nay keeps the balance in This Matter.

however, isn’t it all too apparent that Die Antwoord is starting to capitalize on a well-thought-out gimmick?
are there Euphorians out there who are under the impression that this Zef Image is more than an image?
if so, i believe you are terribly mistaken.

another Euphorian, @naswho, had another opinion & stated “Liked them cos I enjoyed something 'new'. I liked the rhymes, the beats and the irony. Also I love when musiek uses marketing.”

@naswho has hit the nail on the head with his statement – Die Antwoord has employed various marketing tactics, one of them being The Gimmick & another their Visual Image.

the other point which i, Queen Lizdom, would like to point out is something that @Franstasties proposed: “Die Antwoord are 2 things for me: An incredible theatrical production and an above-average-band.”

Queen Lizdom is VERY proud of you, @Franstasties!
see, this is what we’re seeing: An Act.
it’s like Lady Gaga, guys.
you know, Dressing In Character, Playing The Part.
one thing you can’t deny about Die Antwoord & Lady Gaga is that they’re FUCKING INTERESTING.
Queen Lizdom is immensely pleased about acts like these because it makes human existence [note; lower case] less kak.

do you know what they’re ACTUALLY doing?
they’re transforming POP – they’re killing it & making the underground, mainstream.
I vote “fuck yeah”.

& guess what else they have in common now?
Interscope Records, bebe!
this is a record label Queen Lizdom would like to sit down & kiss for a bit.
the Euphorians working at Interscope Records are free thinkers, less conditioned than most humans & have BALLS.
i mean, until another, MORE epic record label gets birthed [winkwink] this is what we alternative souls have - & it’s not bad.
it’s not bad at all.

RIGHT! moving along!

Die Antwoord is super popular in the USA.
&, like @LizeU, a lot of folks are confused as to WHY.
well, let Queen Lizdom shed some light on the situation.
at this moment in time Europeans are either busy being pretentious, vain or elitist.
not ALL, but definitely The Decision Makers.
this isn’t a bad thing because, like I stated, this balance is needed.
Europeans are also in another Cycle of Entertainment.
Americanos, on the other hand, are in the mood for some fun - & that’s what Die Antwoord is.
sometimes, Euphorians, you’re allowed to be totals stupid.
stupid in a “fuck, i’m 20something & not about to retire” way.
the Gaga Phenomena is an example of this.

BUT, who cares if you like or dislike Die Antwoord?
they’re a band, an act.
you’re a Euphorian in the Cosmic Manifestation.
just remember, kids, you might be from South Africa, Africa, Earth in human terms [note; lower case] but in the Cosmic Manifestation the term “South Africa” means very little.

SO, to those who are embarrassed by Die Antwoord – they’re not directly affecting your reality, are they?
Seether is another band who functions under International Recognition & they’re not that great, are they?

these are all the opinions of Queen Lizdom, Queen of Queendom.
you may agree or disagree.
the point of this whole post, however, is that This Matter isn’t at all that serious.
like what you like, dislike what you dislike but, please, Euphorians, it’s not like we’re fighting The Last Piece of Sushi.

“moenie sulke serious goed praat nie… praat fun goed.” – Yolandi Vi$$er