Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Matter of Lady Gaga

I’m listening to t.a.T.u.
don’t effing laugh.
you dug ‘em too &, to be QUITE honest, it’s still a sound Queendom enjoys hearing.
remember the first time you saw them on MTV?
these Russians In School-Girl Outfits, Making Out In The Rain?
it was gosh-darn hawt & Queen Lizdom approved.

maybe it’s because The Queen read a book as a child… Wicked or something… & the soundtrack to the book was Above Mentioned.
it was a sooper koel book.
Association Madness!!!

it’s just a weird mesh-up of radness.
it’s a pity they didn’t last & their lezbonezz turned out to be a gimmick.
ugh at record labels.


The Queen wants to chit-chat about Lady Gaga.
Lady, indeed!
this is her position in Queendom but it’s only a title – it means effoll.
just like the title “Queen” also, in reality, means effol.

this is a woman SO dear to the Queen’s Blood-Pumping Heart.
Lungs-close, you could say.
the Pop Music Industry in human terms [note, lower case] went through a severe “ugh phase”.
everything The Monster churned out was kak.
well, mainstream, anyway – the underground was booming.

& THIS is exactomondo where Lady Gaga saw her gap.
she fuckin’ zoned in on that shit & coined it.
if The Queen is not mistaken, good ol’ Gags can afford to BUY Queendom but Gags & The Queen are good buds, so she won’t.

aaanywho. onwards!

Lady Gaga FIGURED OUT FAME, y’all!!!
how fuckin’ koo-koo is that?!
it’s a formula, see.
basically it’s [brace yourself, secret alert] realising WHO you are, BEING WHO YOU ARE, & DOING what YOU’RE GOOD AT at an exceptionally high Level Of Aesthetics.

for example: no one likes anything ugly BUT ugly can be beautiful when you change its context & deliver it unto a viewing public extremely polished.
like, if whatever you’re delivering contains flaws… don’t let the viewing public realise it!
be the biggest trickster, pretender, actor/actress that ever graced the Face Of Earth.

i mean, Lady Gaga started out quite modestly – gearing up for gritty, sweaty shows, lugging her own equipment, making her own outfits, etc.
BUT she quickly figured out that if she wanted to bring back The Superfan, as she calls it, she had to become Larger Than Life.

& this is what she did.
she got all her buds together & founded the Haus Of Gaga, a fashion haus dedicated to conjuring up the Lady’s Fantastical Gear.
in fact, the whole Lady Gaga Empire is one of Collaboration Between Artists – she also figured out that while doing everything on your own might ensure a sound, unique vision; it isn’t really fun at all.
by collaborating with artists CONSTANTLY she’s “giving everyone a voice”, a PLATFORM where they can exhibit their OWN work.

right, so, MUSIC!

The Other Day, Katy Perry stated something along the lines of “when you reeeally listen to Gags’ lyrics, they actually DO mean something.”
no duh, Katy, you Imbecile.
Imbeciles are condemned to The Tjoekie for an hour every day – there they are forced to watch intellectual programs on loop.
The Queen does not tolerate stupidity.
ANYWAY! [those are the things that upset me [via Mad Hatter]]
Gags’ lyrics are about an underground culture… a lifestyle… where everything is a beautiful mess & you’re just going with it.
her rhyming skillz TOTALS catapulted her into the POP SCENE.
&&&… guess what? it’s what she intended.

she wanted to be a rockstar & how does one become in this day & age?
certainly not by gigging a lot, boozing it up, hittin’ the drahgz or fucking groupies.
those are all things that symbolised the VINTAGE Rock ‘n Roller.
these days everything is so saturated that you can pretty much drive naked & no one would give a shit.
Pop Culture.
this is where “rockstars” are born, these days.
Gags’ noted this & embarked on her mission.

Lady Gaga isn’t just any old “pop star”.
she’s a fuckin’ Phenoma & you better fuckin’ realise it.
she’s here to stay.

on a completely Unrelated Note:
Pablo a.k.a. @iaminsert got knighted about an hour ago.
it is because he displayed extreme intelligence.
he will be known, from now on, as Sir Pablo.

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