Friday, May 7, 2010


this is a phenomenal moment in blogging history because, i, Lizdom have started a blog of my very own.

as i am writing this i am enveloped by the sweet insanity of Alice In Wonderland, the Disney version.
any other version just cannot compare – the style, the swag, the script, the dialogue, the PURE INSANITY – it is simply genius.

a question that has been stuck in my head since the very first time i allowed myself to enjoy the mad pleasures this film provides is one Absalom, The Caterpillar, posed: “whooo R uuu?”.

now, let it be known that, in my opinion, a caterpillar’s words are as good as any.
well, QUITE honestly, i’d rather listen to a caterpillar than most.

SO, who am i?
i can tell you who i am in human terms.
i am liz dom [note; lower case], a student of Fine Arts, a Mom & I have a BF who, i think, might be a genius or a loon [either/or].
it is lovely being me but i am somehow inclined to think of my life in fantasy terms.

can i tell you a secret?
i AM a loon.
i am Lizdom [note; upper case] & i live in a castle.
i have many pink animals that my Lab RATS have genetically manipulated to remain small & baby-like everforevermore.
i speak a language called “EH?” & i write many diaries in this language.
i write a diary for me & for you; for you & me & everyone, together.
the capital letter “I” has been banned from EH? because i absolutely despise the appearance of it.
i live in a place called Queendom where i am Queen.
i am a nice Queen – the only requirement i have is that the inhabitants of Queendom MUST have a glorious time.

the activities of Queendom inhabitants are extremely inspirational.
there is not a useless compact of matter in sight.
everyone has a job & they enjoy their jobs to ecstatic extents.
in fact, everyone in Queendom is always “high” – might I state, not because of Drugzzz but because the atmosphere is of such a calibre that every living entity coming into contact with it instantly becomes euphoric beyond comprehension.
this is my idea of bliss – enjoyment & euphoria.
the inhabitants of Queendom, should you have been wondering, are called Euphorians.
no duh, there.

Lizdom is still an artist in Queendom, but, an artist of epic, magical proportions.
events, for instance, which happen in human circumstances are converted into great Adventures in Queendom.
Euphorians undertake colossal Adventures every. single. day.
it’s just how they roll.

thus, Euphorians are very interesting people.
they know many things about many matters & are, most obviously, very intelligent.
Queen Lizdom displays emotions of immense distaste at stupidity.
it’s just how it is.
every day, at 4PM, CQT [Central Queendom Time], everyone gathers in the Communal Garden for Tea&Cake.
this is, quite honestly, a darling affair where Euphorians & Queen Lizdom alike discuss everything that is, was & will be Absolutely Amazing.
this is why Queendom is such a spectacular place – Communication is a valued tool & all inhabitants use it to its fullest potential to further the Quality of Life in Queendom.

Quality of Life is very important in Queendom & only the best of the best of the best is available, in EVERY respect.
so, even though Queen Lizdom is chosen Queen of Queendom, everyone, in all practicality, is a potential “Queen” because everyone’s so darn fabulous.

being elevated to “Queen-like” status is the utmost achievement, whether you are male or female.
there are no kings, only Queens.
Queens are fabulous.

speaking of the word “fabulous” – Euphorians are fantastically stylish.
effortlessly so.
Euphorians rate highly on physical appearance.
we believe “one’s appearance conveys a lot about one’s mental situation.”

there are many more things that happen in Queendom to Euphorians & Queen Lizdom of Queendom but you will have to follow this blog to find out what they are.

SO, to conclude… “whooo rrr UUU?” – i am merely liz.
a girl living in the AGE OF BACKWARDS.
who are YOU?

Queen Lizdom & The Euphorians are attending The Dogbox Rooftop Party at the time of day where The Sun takes its slumber.
an account of The Adventure will be included in the next instalment of wordsofLIZDOM.

“we live in the AGE OF BACKWARDS & there everything is a slightly psychotic party.”