Monday, May 31, 2010

The Matter of Modes & The Adventure Of Monkey Island

it’s approximately in the vicinity of 4 o’ clock in the “afternoon” time-wise in Queendom.
The Soundtrack for this Inscription is Imogen Heap, Iron & Wine, Kate Havnevik & Pinback.
all these Bands/Musicianz are Quirky-Awesome-Chillvibez, a Music Genre in Queendom.

Queendom went through a bit of a dip [note; lower case] these past two weeks.
it’s because of The Queen – if the Queen lacks Emotional Swag, the whole of Queendom suffers because of it.
it’s pretty logical.
so, basically, The Queen experienced a Dip in Consciousness & slipped under The Control of The Modes Of Nature.
when this happens you have to submit to Karma, the no. uno Key Operator via The Modes of Nature, namely, Goodness, Passion & Ignorance.

luckily! The Queen only got entangled by the Karmic Repercussions of The Mode Of Passion.
one should nevereverever aspire to be under the Influence Of The Mode Of Ignorance.
this mode Illusions one COMPLETELY – like The Clouds covering Our Eyes & thus making us Not See The Sun but The Sun is Always Present whether you can See It Or Not.
like, not “getting” The Bigger Picture.

anyway, the point is:
The Queen was low on Energy, Inspiration, Transportation, Interest.
she let these Material Anxieties affect her Consciousness & quite honestly felt like a bit of a Demon.

Demons are entities operating IN FULL IGNORANCE.

it was quite kak.

BUT WHATEVZ, right?!

insert The Adventure of Monkey Island.
The Architecture set The Mood.
@adoneandthesky, @iaminsert, @setheron, ENA, JP & i entered a World of Theatrics & Musicalities.
filled with a sense of Wonder & Anticipation they set off on their Adventure…

The Queen almost felt At Home because of the SHEER epicness of this gorge Building.
lovely Staircases, high Ceilings, &… an Amphitheatre!
goodness me! it was like Falling In Love experiencing This Place via Space.
i saw past Its dilapidated Ceilings & Its desecrated Stage…
The Queen, instead, experienced, song, dance, audiences filling seats, actors pretending, applause, curtains…

this is why i, The Queen, have always felt that i might’ve been Royalty in past human lives [note; lower case].
i literally, visually, embark on this Journey when i experience anything remotely Belonging To That Era.


we climb some stairs by playing Follow The Leader in The Dark.
The Queen is pretty blind when it comes to The Dark &things.

we proceeded to The Rooftop.
here @adoneandthesky, @iaminsert & a couple of Other Euphorians viewed Church Square from a whole other… almost “secret” Angle of Elevation.
The Queen was hiiigh in the Sky, once again, & this time it was Pattern Mania.
the cracks in the concrete, the repetition of the long, rectangular windows, the perfect placement of every street light.
it was Magical.

we while our Time away here, Taking Pictures in the Sky & Blazing In The Crisp Cold.

after this

we happen upon Festivities Galore – Mr. Sakitumi, Desmond & The Tutus [@setheron TOTALS won the bass guitar given away in an EPIC ching chong cha match] &…
this is a band hailing from Cape Town in human terms [note; lower case].
description – bass, rap, experimental & in their own words “psychodelic”.
i find their custom word most descriptive because this is what happened to Queen Lizdom under the chaoticyetchill, voodoo-esque, inyourface spell of P.H.fat:

initially i was like… “kay, i’ve never experienced these dudes. let me give ‘em a chance.”
& chance-worthy they are indeed!
before The Queen knew it she & all the other Euphorians were reduced to bodies Droppin’ It & Keepin’ It Sick.
“I even recall PJ KOTZE stating “dis fokken AWESOME!!!”.
their Rhymes are impeccable, flowing easily & meshing at just the right level of grooving… in a Thug way, of course.
their beats stir your soul & almost “commands” your body, dictating its movements.
they. literally. blew. my. fuckin’. mind.
another factor which definitely enhanced The Queen’s experience of these Talented Euphorians was being Tuned In at exactly the right Frequency of Space.
here’s a fuckin’ Low Five [‘cause that’s how imagine P.H.fat rolls] for you Dudes.
you deserve World Fame.
& you need to gig with Black Pimp’n Jesus.

it was a Night Worth Remembering.
liefde vir jou, nag!

meanwhile, in Real Time, Queendom has opened its Doors to HANNAH FINN, an American from The San Francisco Area.
in just Two Days JUDY makes her Presence Known.
it’s gonna be a darling Winter in Queendom…

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