Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Matter of le Crush 100, teeheehee

excuse me, while i am writing this i, Queen of Lizdom, Queen of Queendom am watching Beauty & the Beast.
the part where there’s a singalong to celebrate Gaston’s manliness?
it’s TOO funny – like, the little guy sings something in admiration of Gaston’s testosterone-ness & just gets punched in the flippen face by Gaston instead.
it’s hiiighlarious.

BACK to Matters!

Te Matter of Le Crush 100.

Euphorians across Queendom have been confronted in some or other-wise way by a site that lists the 100 bestest/hottest/cutest/blahdeeblah SA Etertainment Boys.
This List is posted by a Euphorian who chooses to remain Anonymous.
this, Queen Lizdom finds quite amusing – this woman has achieved cult-like status by NOT proclaiming an identity but by being this Unmistakable Anonymous Female Online Presence judging hardcore who she thinks is worthy of a “fuck yeah”.
very cool move.

that’s all it is.
the stalker angle is very cunning, indeed.
like, i bet you all that she’s just a girl, like you or me or someone who is not a girl or something else.
she’s causing a stir – like @roxymaritz2 said – “she probably wants this reaction anyway.”
& by giving her what she wants – hype – we, in turn, create another Advertising Mechanism.

Le Crush 100 has achieved cult-like status.
that much cannot be denied, says the Court of The Queen.
Queen Lizdom has noted that it’s all the buzz amongst Euphorians In The Biz; so, #trendingtopic-wise it’s, like, almost at the top… SA materially-wise.
are you still with me?
re-read if that bit was confusing.

KAY! so!

say you are in the SA Entertainment Industry - & you’re a boy.
a talented boy, good-looking & just a dude.
THEN it is your goal, your mission in this part of your humanly existence [note; lower case] to pursue being PUT ON THAT LIST.

do you know why?
because it’s being read – by at least a Couple of Euphorians.

imagine the possibilities of This List for just a moment.
it’s quite phenomenal.
it’s The Infamous List of Rock ‘n Roll Hotties, SA-wise, Entertainment-wise.
like, the boys featured so far are pretty rock ‘n roll in whichever field they work in.
it’s the swagger.
Queen Lizdom actually approves of This List because it is very accurate in “Who’s Cool”.
it’s true – check it out.

THUS, boys of SA who are GOOD in their field [Queen Lizdom has no time for mediocrity], Queen Lizdom says to YOU – advertise yourself, fuck out, be a rockstar, proclaim your OWN FAME but don’t be a poes.
it’s that simple.
are you hearing me? it’s that simple & that flippen AMAAAZING!

Queen Lizdom gets side-tracked on GREAT scales.
but what I’m saying, Euphorians, is that Le Crush 100 isn’t a bad Event In Time.
QUITE the opposite, really – this girl is posting stuff, gooooood stuff about your boyfriend, your friend or just a boy you know from seeing him around.
it’s very good advertising if you really think about it in a Dirty Way.

like, isn’t Rock ‘n Roll about being sexy & just fuckin’ out?
it is, says Queen Lizdom.
so, this Groupie-Stalker-Band-Chick is just doing everyone a favour because, to be QUITE honest – this is the most “Fuck Yeah” Rock ‘n Roll Promotional Vehicle i’ve encountered since myspace days - & those days rocked.

Rock ‘n Roll, Sweet Ladies & Dashing Boys, can apply to anything – it’s a Lifestyle.
it’s the way you freak out to a song, it’s the way you laugh yourself sick at something & it’s the way you just chill the eff out with everything & everyone.
&, most importantly, it’s the way you do the simple things.

in Conclusion,
Queen Lizdom is freaking out to Justice – Stress.
very Doom 95.

basically, use it, don’t use it.
Queen Lizdom thinks this is pretty good advice for SA Entertainment Boys.
figure out How To Get On The List Without Being A Poes.
Mission, complete – next step, Catapult into Even More Superstardom.

the sigh of a very happy Queen.
Euphorians have so much potential.

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