Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Tale OF THE 3 Day Snorcity Adventure

it has been a confusing couple of days in Queendom.
i, Queen Lizdom, was feeling out of sorts.
neither here nor there or anywhere.
Queendom was functioning but barely as Queendom needs a Dreamer.
a Dreamer is an enitity who dreams all day & all night – ideals, constantly.
that no. uno Dreamer, Queen Lizdom, was Confused.

when a Dreamer is Confused their whole reality, Queendom & other Euphorians’ realities turn into one Huge Jumble.
a Huge Jumble is not something to strive for as it affects your emotions & thus transforms you into a Demon.

the line between Demon & Euphorian is one of of extreme delicacy.
a Euphorian may become a Demon from time to time but the transition back to Euphorian is very simple.


so, i was confused & not feeling too fantastical, obviously.
we headed to Snorcity, Queen Lizdom’s HomeTown in Queendom, on W-day in search of some Fun In The Sun.

one our way there i fucked out to Carcass.
it was an epic moment in my life.

RIGHT! we get to our Destination!
KOOS & RUDI, The Eternal Philosophers, had a MASSDEBATE to attend.
@adoneandthesky & Queen Lizdom shoot for the Theater Room where they chose to watch Clash Of The Titans.
a film.

this film was quite average, #tbh.
i liked Medusa – she was a kickass woman - & I dug the Djin.

the Djin were fuckin’ cool just because you don’t know what the fuck is up with those dudes.

Queen Lizdom was #unimpressed by the Greek Gods.
severely #unimpressed.
SCENARIO: “majestic gods”, armour, SHINY armour, not very strong-looking, a floor made out of a top-view of Earth, standing in a lame circle.
#ugh at the gods.
really, you guys, just… nee.

SO! fast forward!
@adone&thesky & Queen Lizdom order some Milkshakes from The Milkshake Man – a full post on this whacko, next.

we head on over to @adoneandthesky’s pad where we meet up with @iaminsert.
we chill.
we THEN play Super Sneaky Spies where we snuck onto a Spaceship Rooftop.


enter Tings ‘n Times – a merry-making place for The Young Of Heart.

some serious chillage went down.
Queen Lizdom got to converse with @lizetheunicorn, @Ninavanibos, @DaaiTheo @skillieskil around a lovely, atmospheric table in the fresh night air.

an idea Dreamed Up at this table is that of #socialawareness & #moenieipoesweesnie.
basically, everything in the Universe works perfectly ALL THE FUCKING TIME, so, you, as Euphorian, just need to #besef your Position In The Universe & Act Accordingly.
everyone needs to chill the eff out & be aware of what/who is going on around them & act like “hoe jou ma jou geleer het”.
the summary of this whole paragraph?


KOOS & Queen Lizdom enter #Lizeland where @lizetheunicorn was hosting a Secret Farewell Partytjie for @Ninavanibos.
there Queen Lizdom was mostly taking care of FENRIS – a full post on The Royal Egg to follow – but she got to see @iaminsert, @belindametb, @NatalieRoos, @wrestlerish, @ryan_fray, @DaaiTheo & a whole lot of other Euphorians who do not care for twitter.

kay, the day of F KOOS & Queen Lizdom attend KATE’S birthday #gettogether.
it was absolutely darling.
exactly like her.
we drank wine, we laughed, we drank wine, we laughed.
i had SERIOUS FOMO concerning the Pyjama Drama goin’ down at @roxymaritz2 & @nannaventer’s pad, though.


poor @nannaventer was a bit comatose because of the Pyjama Drama Adventure but i simply HAD to see her face.
we dragged our hung over bottoms to a Chinese Joint where we dined like Queens.
also, joining us at this Event In Time was @Ben_Rausch & @matt_suttner.
Queen Lizdom was happy.
these three Euphorians are hella funny & i laughed myself silly.

after The Eatery we thrift Bounty Hunters.
Queen Lizdom found a glorious Floral-Print Short Overall - #chuffed.

i’m sitting on The Royal Bed now, kak moeg.
these 3 Days were pretty rad – tonight Queen Lizdom sleeps easy.

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  1. Wait do hash tags and @symbols actually work in blogger blogs or are you just trying to make your blogs kak-difficult to read? :)

    The fact that I got to the bottom is a miracle, anyway, you left the most important part of the chinese experience out, what am I talking about?