Monday, May 24, 2010

The Tale of The Herbz & someothermatters

right, so, The Royal Banquet just happened in Queendom – a lovely beef stew with peppers, green beans, avo & chutney was had by all Euphorians.
it was yumcious BUT now The Queen is perplexed.

in an effort to return to her Once Healthy Ways, The Queen decided not to munch on any Junk.
it worked out quite well & she felt a teeny tiny better than usual but now, after Dinner, The Queen is still hungry after a full bowl of food.
does she wait 20 minutes for Her Brain to register that she is satisfied or does she simply have a worm inside her belly munching&crunching all of her nummiez?

the thought of worms in my stomach officially grossed me out to the Stretches of Eternity.
holy goodness.

that was ALL besides the point.
the point is that The Queen is listening to Tycho, a daaarling Musical Outfit.
it’s electro ambience & it has helped me be a better Queen in oh so many ways.
Boards Of Canada & Tycho will always remain two of The Queen’s favez.
that’s just how she rolls.

This Inscription deals with many matters.
the first being:

The Matter of Plants as Intelligent Lifeforms.

Euphorian @m0zase commented that my talking about plants & such is very “arb”.
in most cases plants aren’t of the Highest Interest Ranking but in Queendom, Herbal Residents, or Herbz [not to be confused with human herbs [note, lower case]], as they more commonly referred to, are of the Most Important inhabitants.

Herbz make Queendom beautiful & aromatic.
over a billion Herbz can be found in Queendom.
The Queen & Euphorians alike have immense respect for Herbz & do dances each morning to offer their gratitude.
these are called Dawn Discos.

you see, there are three kinds of Herbz – those that offer themselves to be eaten by Euphorians [thus, The Dancing & gratitude], those that exist purely for Beauty Purposes & the Production Assistance Concerning Honey [thus, The Dancing & gratitude] & those who are foul & just muck other Herbz up.
the latter are known as Mean Greeniez.
Mean Greeniez reside in The Tjoekie to further irritate Imbeciles in their One-Hour Stays.

today, though, The Queen became painfully aware of just HOW ALIVE Herbz really are.
winkwink, @TheFilmo.
Herbz reside in a very weird “Density Arrangement” – their existence is conducted in Immensely Dense Earth & also, Less Dense Air but still Dense Because Of Gravity.
see, they live in a COMPLETE other dimensional frequency, so, while you may think in your silly human form that “oh, look, a pretty flower” that flower is actually performing Activities Of Life [eating, drinking &… get ready for this… even SINGING].
that is one of the reasons, besides being visually pleasing & great smell-wise, that we are so attracted to the idea of Flowers.
The Queen has actually experienced Floral Herbz sing…

do yourself a favour, Euphorian, & get up at Dawn… have a Dawn Disco & then calm yourself.
situate yourself in a Meditative Position & just concentrate on the Universal Vibrations.
you WILL hear the Floral Herbz singing a song ESPECIALLY for you.
it is QUITE fantastical & no, no drahgz are needed for this operation.
only a Clear Consciousness [not the same as conscience] & a will to participate in The Universal Form.

that’s the thing with humans [note, lower case] – they are utterly & completely STUPIDLY oblivious to the FANFUCKINGTASTICAL MAGIC happening ALL AROUND them CONSTANTLY.
that’s why lizdom became The Queen of Queendom because she’d rather live in her Magical Wonderland than associate with humans on such an effing retarded level.

humans ARE welcome in Queendom, though.
the moment that they #besef their Position In The Universe & thus, Act Accordingly.
once again, it basically comes down to #moenieipoesweesnie.
when this transition is made, said human becomes known as an Euphorian & a resident of Queendom.

another matter that needs attending is that of Vitamin Water.
The Queen is absolutely appalled by the mere idea of it.
in this very Moment In Time The Queen is Unconvinced that Vitamin Water might be anything more than glorified cooldrink.
BUT according to a couple of Euphorians, Vitamin Water ACTUALLY contains some Health Properties, so, in an attempt to become As Healthy As Can Be, The Queen will be conducting an experiment on said Product.

i will be consuming one Container of Vitamin Water a day, each day trying a different one, for two weeks.
i will combine this with eating healthily too.
after this stint i will eat exactly as before but only replace the Vit W with regular water.
i will record every detail & Write About It in a month’s Time.

another exciting event in Queendom is that of a Euphorian who undertook a Mission in recording the effects of a specific strain of Herbz [the happy-inducing kind].
this will also Be Written About in the very near future.

that is all from Queendom this day.
excuse me while i lose myself in some Tycho.

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