Friday, September 3, 2010

The Tale of How Queendom Came About

so, y’all know that human film, Inception?
well, that’s pretty much how Queendom came about.

here’s the story, perk your ears;

there was this girl, Liz, who was a human in her then current Cosmic Situation.
she went by her day, as we do.
she ticked off her human achievements – get born, be chill for 7 years, start a grab towards knowledge but with no formulated plan, get confused…


that’s right – Liz was confused as fuck & she didn’t know whichwhatway.

thoughts were thought.
& thoughts became more thoughts.

&… then…

thoughts turned into Dreams.

Liz started building a world in her Mind.

[the Mind is a Transcendental Tool]

Landscapes started shaping – rolling hills of green, littered with flowers, colourful as sin & tall trees creaking with ancient wisdom.

all of a sudden there were footpaths on which horse-driven coaches delivered their guests unto valleys containing waterfalls, caves, streams & ample Mythological Life.

the Inhabitants of Queendom hailed themselves Euphorians, for indeed!
it was true –
Queendom was a place of happiness, unending!

then, of course, there was the mystical, glorious & ever so majestic Castle.

the Castle is a sight to behold –
several pointed towers beam through pale clouds in a still grasp towards the sky,
windows, slim & tinted with a colour like wine, act like eyes, knowing.
the grounds are green & filled with jest & extravagant winged creatures flying by & by.
then, there’s a room, oh so luxurious, where a Queen spends her time overlooking a Paradise, glowing.

make no mistake – every Euphorian living & serving [Serving Others Ensures A Humble Life] in Queendom lives in blissful luxury.
so, thus, the Castle contains many many many a room for Euphorians to exist peacefully & without disturbance.
HOWEVER, should a Euphorian feel so inclined to NOT stay in the Castle, they are toootally welcome as well.
that’s why there are a whole couple of villages within The Woods of Queendom.
each village has a tribe leader kinda guy/girl & Queen trusts them to manage themselves without her worrying too much about them.

i mean, that’s exactly how Queendom WORKS.
everyone functions on the knowledge that every single Euphorian is capable of looking after themselves.
it’s only when people are incapable of looking after themselves that things fuck out.
like, say, don’t operate machinery when you’re intoxicated – it’s fairly obvious.
don’t do it.
&, in Queendom, the Euphorians GET that.

that’s one of the reasons coaches are employed – 1. not to die in a car crash & 2. because it’s much more scenic & chill taking a coach & ultimately, 3. because horses are pretty cool.

there are, however, always a couple of crapheads who have it in their will to contaminate Queendom.
these Ignorant Folk are always captured & promptly hauled away to a place called Ochre Crescent.

Ochre Crescent is a town built in the crater of The Comet That Nearly Fucked Queendom Sideways.
[i’m speaking in metaphors here, people – see if you can figure it out ;]]
so, yes, it’s pretty logical to build a place of complete & utter banishment IN the cause of a previous eff-up.
#seewhatididthere [via @belindametb]

that kinda shit won’t fly in Queendom, so, they get banished.

& Queen won’t bat an eyelid because, honestly, she’s doing her life right now – she really can’t worry her little noggin about folks doing retarded things.

so, ja, that’s how Queendom was found.
Liz touches back on earth as a human from time to time but she sends her regards as she’s perfectly content in Queendom with the Euphorians.

& she loves you & you & you.