Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poetry - The Massacre & Street King

because Queen has so many poems locked away & gathering dust, she decided to unveil them to Queendom.
these were written in the period between 2005 - 2007 [in human terms].
every now & then Queen will add two poems to her Inscriptions.
here are the first two:

The Massacre

A trail of red follows the man
Who drags a piece of limp
A bag of eyes are watching
The massacre; the bereavement of an innocent

A hanging in a store
The backroom scented with demise
A laceration, unfathomable
Carved into the flesh

A bare mass of muscle
Skin the swine, he said
A pool of life
It need not be, he said

A customer, gleeful and grinning
Takes a package, vacuum-packed
A butcher, blade still in hand;
‘That’ll be fifty-six ninety’


Street King


The colour of his throne,
The crate which supports his mass


The colour of his vacant eyes

The blind chap enthralls passersby
With cries of concord;
A trickle of content
For the unsatisfied core

It jingles in our ears
But affects our sight

And this,
Is how we become his minions,
And he remains the king of his empire;
A can of coins clasped in his hand.

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