Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Adventure of Oppikoppi AKA The Happy Blur

Super Evil.
the track playing in Queendom at the mo & pretty much how the Day went down here too.

you see, Queendom & The Euphorians visited the much famed Oppikoppi this past Week-End & the whole of Paradise is more or less paralysed &or brainless because of the 4 Day Extravaganza.
it’s The Day After Koppi.

it started out with an airport visitationstation to collect @adoneandthesky’s bro, Eduan.

[ag fok, daar mors ek tee op my keyboard.]

insert Aandklas & a couple of beers & Queen runs into Hanu.
this was radical because we had confirmed to meet at koppi & hadn’t anticipated to see each other so soon.
Queen was once an avid myspace user [abuser] & that’s where they “met” & became pseudo [online] buddies.
it’s kind of awesome to know him IRL too.

he also saved me as “Liz MAL” on his phone.
i’m still not quite sure what to think about that.
side eye, Hanu, side eye.

so, anyway, frick!

we roll down the highway, Pie & Play & various other foodstuffs/campshit in our car vicinity.

We Arrive.
in the process of finding a spot/setting up our tent, Queen was called Lady Gaga [lady gawgaw in some accents – note; lower case] dos times.
i’ll take it.

Right Off The Bat The Drama Llama paid Queendom a visit.
what a harsh to my mellow.
we won’t go into that.

after all the commotion Queen was pretty much drunk/high/wired from start to finish.
tbh, i really can’t remember much of the first day except running into an extremely happy @NatalieRoos every now & then [winkwink] & laughing my Proverbial Ass off with Judy & Korean [Karien] in a hammock.
everything was funny as fuck & a paradise-esque blur, basically.

@belindmetb made it pretty apparent after the first night that #tRons was about to consume our every being.
& wasn’t THAT the truth!

after consuming the entire globe’s Red Bull & Tequila, Queen didn’t #tRons… she WAS tRonsed.

the first brainmelt/bodyassault was provided by @HAEZER.
a shitload of epilepsy inducing strobes & craycray electro madness.
weirdly enough, Judy & i were right in front with our tRonsfists air-punching & completely missed @adoneandthesky & @belindametb who were, apparently, right in front too.

another EPIC highlight was experiencing @phfat for the second time evhur.
having only seen them twice Queen can’t say she was disappointed & tbh, she probs won’t evhur be.
These Three Guys, Mike, Disco & Narch are The Cream of the Crop in SA & Queen’s pretty effing sure the rest of Earth will agree.

other rad-io acts i managed to catch was Gemma Ray, Mind Assault, @dyof & The Narrow & Dead Alphabet.

in between Judy & i spoke to a so-called “wise-guy/photog” but i managed to beat him with my wise-ness & i wasn’t even trying.
we spoke to sooo many effing drunk randoms & got to know their backgrounds.
Filed Under – Useless Fucking Info.

i failed on Billy Talent because by Day 3 my body felt like it had been hit with a million hammers with spikes WITH spikes all at once.
according to a Couple of Euphorians i didn’t miss much.

i also took mid-day naps much to the dislike of Two Very Drunk & Possibly High Euphorians.
the one’s name was Tert [no lies] & the other’s name was Adriaan a.k.a. AquaMan.
they took it upon themselves to keep me awake by talking all kinds of funny shit.
Queen didn’t mind – they were pretty cool.

every single Euphorian known to man also managed to point out that My Tent was falling apart.
my excuse was that “drunk people keep falling over it at night – it’s not my fault.”
that excuse didn’t work.
Queen was lazy as effffff to fix it & by Monday Morning she woke up with a tent on her face.
i reeeally walked into that one.

all in all it was a pretty sweet experience – the only downside was NOT BEING ABLE TO BREATHE for the duration of it.
yes, Queen’s The Dork With Allergies.

Queen’s back in her Castle & Life’s Okay – we’re not feeling quite hundreds yet.
glad that it’s over.

sue me.


  1. Sounds like you be funny...cool blog girl. I mean queen. Ewald

  2. Self dit was pret maar dit was genoeg!

    en ek dink jou tent was epic in tronsit ;)