Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Matter Of NOT Trying To Be Depressed

it’s dark outside.

it’s rainy & a strong wind is slithering between the castles in the mountains.
Queendom is bursting with electric anger & frustration.

you see, Queendom’s weather changes due to the Emotions of The Queen.
Queen’s fucked off.
at Material Life.

to give you a visual: a pen is being cut into paper, the force with which the writer writes [note; lowercase].

Queendom is a place in Liz’s Mind, a Euphorian who upgrades her soul in her mind.
basically, i’m building my Spiritual Abode.
this is the place where Liz feels safe & calm & in control.
many Earthlings often comment on my Spaced-Out-Ness.


i’m in Queendom.
juuust figuring stuff out.

that’s the Occupation of The Queen.
she figures stuff out, or tries to, Day In & Day Out, Forever & a Day.
& whatever she figures out, she shares with Queendom.

it's trial & error [note; lowercase].


it’s all gloomy & everyone seems to be unperturbed by this Sudden Mood falling over Queendom.
Liz’s Moods are literally like Shadows Falling Over Her Consciousness.
like, she can still kiiind of make out what’s going on, but not really so she just stumbles forth, acting irrationally.
it’s all very sad.

Queen is one of those Euphorians who tries to suck it up ‘cause she believes that “almal het hulle kak”.
this, however, is an Ineffective Way of Dealing With Emotions.
holding something in & brewing in its cess pool of shit is majorly unhealthy.

sooo, Queen’s been trying to Deal.
juuust Deal.

it didn’t work out.
Queen flipped out & acted all craaay.
some Euphorians who were in close proximity are still busy replacing windows & shiz because of hurricane gale force winds.

- is jy nog by? -

so, with The Depression Levels Peaking, Queendom was hit with The Proverbial Sack ‘o Shit.

i was totally just recovering from my last bout of hate-fuelled sadness.
nice timing, Universe.
you rock so fucking hard.

all’s starting to look peachy again.
Queen’s tryin’a get her Groove back.

today, while she was Exercising Her Butt Off [codename for: totally smashing my emotions with hard energy. [note: lower case]], she realised that the only way to be truly happy is to Not Give A Fuck About What Anyone Says/Thinks & to Use That Knowledge To Be Your Utmost Self.
she’s starting this business by wearing bright orange lipstick.
suck it, Man.

being depressed is like a fucking huge hellcat floating in your living room.
it gives you the heebie jeebies.

so, you need to fetch a broomstick & hit ‘em in the tummy tum.

daai scum.

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